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Курс лекций проф. Max MILLE
by Белоусов Александр - Saturday, 26 [[november]] 2011, 09:40
totalС 28 ноября по 02 декабря 2011 г. проф. Max Mille (Total Professeurs Associes) проведёт курс лекций "RESERVOIR GEOLOGY and LOG ANALYSIS".

Приглашаются студенты старших курсов, магистранты и аспиранты.

Занятия будут проходить в ауд. 603. Начало занятий в 14.00
Лекции читаются на английском языке.

Аннотация курса:
The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the basic Reservoir Geological concepts. Lectures will introduce the main reservoir rocks and seal. Structure of the traps as well as trapping mechanisms are described. The petrophysical properties of the reservoir are reviewed. Relationships with sedimentological environments are evidenced through an example. Source rocks as well as migration process are reviewed. 
The last two day of the seminar is devoted to Log Analysis. The first day is a review of the main logging tools. The last day, the students will learn the fundamentals of log analysis and practice trough several examples. 

The program includes formal lectures and problem classes (quiz and examples). Lectures are organized around modules designed to cover the fundamentals of Reservoir Geology.